Things that impact User Experience

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User experience holds an important key to digitalized commercials nowadays. The (HCI) increasingly becomes ingrained in our daily activities. Thanks to the internet and tech improvisation, which lead us to become a gadget-oriented citizen. More daily needs are now fulfilled within reach of our gadgets. That’s why websites and apps are more popular in these recent years.

User experience let the entrepreneurs know how the products can affect their user. Moreover, it can be used to improve the product better so it can fulfill the user’s needs and expectations. But, you can’t peep on your customer’s phone screens to know how they react to your product with right? This is why you need to know what things can be affecting your user’s experience.

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What is User Experience?

Every kind of interaction that consumers or users do with a product is considered a user experience. It can be what they actually feel about the product and how they react to the product features. Your user’s first impression can describe the next step they will take upon your product design.

For example, when you provide a checkout process, customers will be confused if you put too many choices and made a long flow on it. It would be easier for the user if it had simple navigation throughout the process. Your decision on product design can affect user interaction over it. Well, would they stayed or left your product soon?

What things can impact UX?

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To bring more audiences, you need to know what things can affect the performance of your product. Several aspects can drive your product to be more acceptable by the users. By improving user experience, you can gain more engagement and reach more conversion from the users. already described what makes a good user experience on User Experience Honeycomb.

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  • Useful

One of the product’s main goal is to become useful at the hand of users. Make sure your product meet their necessities. A functional product can attract more people to use and utilize it. So, your product is supposed to bridging users to achieve their needs and fulfill their expectations.

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  • Usability

Besides product functionality, it is necessary to look at your product usability. The product you provide should be usable when the user attempts to utilize it. Don’t make your users confused with your product design. Try to make the design understandable to ease them to interact with it. When the users find out that they were unable to react with your product, they could leave your product soon. It must be hard for you to losing an opportunity of gaining more consumers later.

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  • Accessibility

Don’t forget that your product could be reached by various users. There could be users with special needs among them. Make sure that your product can be accessed by everyone. You can add special features that can ease them to use it. Remember, a fully functional building needs more features like stairs, ladder, or lift so anyone can enter and be treated equally.

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  • Findability

A good product not only shows their performance and attractiveness. It also needs to be available on many platforms. If your product can be easily found by the users, it can increase their awareness of it. The product’s right composition can also ease users to find out what they really need, without worrying if they will be misguided while interacting with your design.

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  • Valuable

The product we provide should deliver value to the users. A value can be measured by how professional our product can be. Is it already meet the standards in its field? Can the product satisfy users? Rethink your product’s vision to enrich its value better.

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  • Credibility

Build user trust by improving your product so it can be seen as credible enough in the market. Make sure that your product reached the right target market so it can be suitable for them. Your product’s credibility will be shown if its message is already caught by the right users.

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There are five points that you can apply to makes a better user experience.

  1. Arrange CTA’s
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CTA or has a substantial role in a digital product. It can lead users to have more decisions in order to explore or make a conversion with your product. It is applicable in almost every form of digital products. CTA can be applied as a clickable button that persuades users to interact with it. It can be a checkout button on your commercial websites such as “add to cart” or “buy now!”. Another form of CTA can be found at websites or apps landing page. It can lead users to explore more about your products or features by providing a “discover more” or “about us” button in a stand-out form. Ensure that you are arranged for all of the CTA’s to be placed as it should be. CTA’s design layout can’t be stacked or placed too close to each other, or it will make users confused while making decisions over it. It could decrease their intention to interact with your product.

2. Organize the elements

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One of the crucial aspects of user experience is the product visual. Websites and apps are consist of many elements and graphic components. Besides building a good visual on the product, you need to arrange and organize the elements within. An organized layout will ease users when interacting with the product. It can also increase their excitement towards the product if it was visually pleased them.

3. Understand user’s behavior

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To improve the product we already provided, we need the user’s feedback. We need to know how users actually interact with the product itself. We can’t peep on our user’s gadget screens to know about their behavior. We can do it using third-parties like Crazy Eqq or SEO plugins like Semrush, Yoast SEO, etc. These third-parties can help you know about user behavior while interacting with your product by collecting data from their activities. You can then analyze the data that already collected to improve what needs to be fixed at the next version update.

4. Design prioritize

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Improve engagement by shortening and concentrate the flow on your product design. Users are likely to choose over a simple product with great usability but still attractive to them. With a short and simple flow, the users will find it easier to find what they need on your product. It may reduce choices on your design, but it simplified the product’s performance. You can also sort the most popular clicks. Place the most clickable button on your products at the top of the layout, so users can easily find it out. The more the product eases the users, the more engagement and profit you will achieve.

5. Interactive Communication

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Some users may wonder how the first time they visit or use your products. They could be confused and didn’t know how your product work. Therefore, you should provide a solution to this problem so they will stay on your product. You can add interactive communication features such as chatbox, email subscription, or direct call. The users can ask about their difficulties by using these features. It can help them to feel better at interacting with your product. User satisfaction will be increased as long as you provide a good service to them.

6. Keep it up to date

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Competing in this digital age is like running on a high-speed internet connection. You need to keep up with trends that often change over the years. User experience can also hit differently in the upcoming years. With technology development and population increase, the user experience will be totally changed over our expectations. We just need to follow what needs to be improved on our products that fit with its era.

Shortly, user experience can be affected by many aspects around — the design, performances, user habits, etc. Many moves can be taken to improve the product by gaining feedback from the users. Get more insights and fix what needs to be fixed. Create a bond between users and the product so it will have a good relationship between them.

Contributor: Abdul Hamid



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