8 Best Mobile Apps for 3D Designing

Back in the old days, you will need a PC to run 3D modeling software, but not now. 3D modeling has evolved and has been used in various ways. You can easily start 3D modeling on mobile devices that obviously help designers to transform their ideas anytime, anywhere.

Following the transformation of everything going mobile, 3D modeling apps have promptly released for tablets and smartphones. With plenty of choices in the market, it could be tricky to pick one that suits your needs. In this article, we try to break down our designer’s choices, based on your preference and skills.

We believe there is a 3D modeling apps for everybody.


Platform: IOS
Putty 3D is easy to use for beginners. This application works great for learning to make 3D models by sculpting.

Key Features:
· Clean user interface
· Export hi and low poly meshes with good topology
· Putty 3D provides options for exporting OBJ and STL. 3D models can be edited to PC software for animation or 3D print

Platform: IOS

Umake provide a great tutorial and community to guide the process of making 3D modeling. It’s also able to use for architectural and automotive purposes.

Key Features:
· Using 2D sketches to form 3D shapes
· Provides options for export in OBJ, STEP, and IGES formats.
· Ability to view your 3D designs in augmented reality.

Platform: Android & IOS

Simpler user interface made 3DC.io easy to use. Making it suitable for beginners who just started to learn about 3D.

Key Features:
· Simplistic features with a great user interface.
· Allows editing and viewing an image.
· Files can be uploaded in .OBJ and .STL formats.


Platform: IOS
For those who are familiar with 3D, Sculptra might be the right application, it provides realistic rendering and sculpting tools. Sculptra is very suitable for making 3D video games and animations.

Key Features:
· More complete 3D creation tools
· Possible to add UV coordinates in OBJ exporting in order to add texture maps to the models in other software
· Realistic rendering

Verto Studio 3D
Platform: IOS
The app is meant for all those who want to take a dive in the 3D design industry, and suitable for professional 3D modelers, game developers, and even beginners. Apart from editing, importing, and exporting 3D models of all sizes, Verto Studio 3D also allows users to create precise shading effects using the built-in shaders or the GLSL shader editor.

Key Features:
· Built-in GLSL shader-editor
· Verto Studio file format support and exchange via email
· Mesh generation using quads and triangular faces
· Camera view with a 4-view split screen.
· Fly-through mode to fly through the scene using FPS-game-style controls.


Sharp 3D
Platform: IOS
Sharp 3D is a professional application for 3D manufacturing. It’s provides options for Import 2D and 3D designs for other CAD apps. There are a lot of options for designer to make 3D model professionally in Sharp 3D.

Key Features:
· Design manipulation with incredible modeling tools.
· Import 2D and 3D designs from other CAD apps.
· Import hand-drawn sketches and blueprints.
· Export to other CAD tools.

Platform: IOS & Android
This 3D modeling app is for Onshape software users a way to interact with their 3D models with parametric modeling tools. You will be able to sketch, select and otherwise edit the files. You can work with your team without any risk of losing data on mechanical engineering projects.

Key Features:
· All Users in the World on the Same Version of Software
· Mate Rigidly-Connected Parts in One Step
· Advanced Mold Design

Platform: IOS & Android
AutoCAD is suitable for detailed and professional architecture modeling. This application also allows you to open 2D and 3D drawings in DWG format, transfer them from the network storage, work with them in standalone mode, and check all their parts

Key Features:
· Convenient and intuitive interface.
· For navigation in giant drawings, you’ll be able to zoom and use panning gestures.
· Create and edit precise designs in a snap.
· Add and edit text annotations directly within the drawing.
· Save changes within the AutoCAD 360 space on the web.

Final Thoughts
There they are, 8 best mobile applications for 3D modeling chosen by our designer. The range spread from android, IOS, and both. We believe there’s an app for everyone. Hopefully these apps will help you to grow while turning your ideas into realistic form wherever, whenever.

Contributor : Teddy Tri Murdianto



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